Image vs Content

At BB Supplements, we don't just advocate health and fitness, we also believe that mental health and well-being is just as important. 

Whilst we were in the process of designing our new website, I really got thinking about image vs content. We wanted to create a new website to co-align with our new look and product range with the aim that our website would appeal more to our customers, existing and new. But then I thought- what is the point of the new website having a good image or looking good, but not having great content? It is the content also that draws attention. You could have a product or idea that looks great but if the foundation or content is missing or isn't right, then the product as a whole will not work. The content is the foundation for image.


This is what got me thinking about us as individuals and how society strives for image, but not so much content. These days many of us (not all) feel pressured by society or the media to look a certain way, or to be a certain size or weight. You often see criticism in the media or society, of people of certain sizes, celebrities who have put on weight, or those who they deem have "gone too far". Plenty of advertisements feature people of a certain look/size and you don't see varied body images such as curvy, muscular, tattooed etc. Although this is slowly being turned around- it isn't quick enough and it takes time to change people's mindset and views. For so long many of us in society have been "brainwashed" into thinking what is a "normal" body image. When I say brainwashed- many of us have, and do make up, our own minds and views, but when the media pushes their certain ideal all the time, it does have an effect on some people. 


The truth of it is: there is no "normal" or "perfect" body image or size. Yes a body should be healthy, but one size does not fit all. Our bodies are all unique and we know what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy. We know what weight or size is healthy for us. We know what weight or size, or body image makes us happy. And it is US that we should be looking out for, not everyone and his dog. This is where the content comes in. You could look exactly as society and the media promote as "normal", however if you are not healthy, or happy, and your personality doesn't shine- then the image stands for nothing. Too often we overlook our mental well-being and focus on our image, or numbers on the scales, yet mental health is so so important. If we are happy, and feel great, then good things will come. We will have positive outlooks, be more focused, have more energy and be more motivated. Our personality will shine, and people will see us for who we naturally are and happy to be. All of this will reflect in our image. We will look happy, look confident and have smiles on our faces. There is no point in trundling through life, trying to fit in society's or the media's ideal if it makes you miserable. Do you want to look back on life and see many happy memories, or ones filled with misery? 


It isn't easy to shut off from what is being highlighted as "perfect" bodies and easy to feel you need to conform, but remember- you come first. Everything you do is for YOU. Do what makes YOU happy. Be proud of a body that makes YOU happy. And give two fingers up for those that disagree. For then all things are possible. 


Remember, if you are struggling mentally, it is nothing to be ashamed about. Please do not suffer in silence and feel like you are on your own. Talk to someone about how you feel albeit a friend or family member or someone impartial such as MIND, or even talk to us.